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About APARU is better than a taxi internet service introduces the updated mobile application for the online car calling. Advantages to call a car with APARU application:
- CONVENIENT, as the address will be defined automatically
- GAINFUL, as the cost calculation is done by taximeter and can be seen by passenger
- EASY, as the car can be called with only one button and your order will be accepted by the nearest driver with the highest rating.

Use application for ridings within and out of the city. Besides the cars you can call station wagons, tow trucks and minibuses. APARU application can also be used to search for the transport moving in the same inter-city direction.

ATTENTION DRIVERS! Do you want to gain using taxi application? Just install APARU application, switch to the driver mode and orders from the nearest clients will flow to you :) Do you need to move to the other location and to search for the fellow-travelers? Just go to the section “Fellow-travelers”.

The application is already used by car fans and taxi-drivers from the cities of Kazakhstan*: Astana, Ust-Kamenogorsk.

Save and gain with APARU application!

* To authorize in the application use the phone number of Kazakhstani cellular provider.

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