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About DaBang - Rental Homes in Korea

▶ Award History
* 2015/2014 Most Trusted Brand Award!
* 2015 Customer Satisfaction Brand Award!
* 2015 Service Satisfaction Award!

▶ 800,000 Listings!
800,000 accumulated listings on DaBang!
Over 3,000 new rental listings are uploaded daily!

▶ Real-time, Real pictures, Real listings!
Everything is updated in real time.
Find your next rental space of 1-bed, 2-bed, Studio flats, and Apartments.

▶ Local amenities!
Find out local information on nearby Convenient Stores/Cafes/Banks/Public Facilities right at your fingertips.

▶ Find your perfect rental!
Advance filter options that help narrow your search. Find a place that allows for Pets/Parking/Short-term Lease/Turn-key Rent (Junsei rental), and more!

For renters
- Search through 1 bed, 2 bed, Studio flats, and Apartments – listed within 30 days.
- Realtor listings and private listings are both available.
- Real-time, Real Pictures, Real listings! DaBang provides the most accurate information on rental listings in Korea!
- All service provided by DaBang is free.
(Realtor agent fee - independent of DaBang service - will occur when signing a lease agreement in Korea)

Find your next rental space in Korea.
1-bed, 2-bed, Studio Flats, and Apartments! @ DaBang!


E-Mail: [email protected]
Customer Service: +82-1899-6840

So helpful
Atefe Gavahian
I hope it will be great
Pache Pattey
검색 시 필터 설정이 쉽고 편리하네요~ 필요한 매물만 확실하게 볼 수 있고 특히 반려동물 키우면 집 구할 때 알아볼 게 더 많은데 발품 팔지 않고 바로 검색해서 조건에 맞는 집 찾아볼 수 있던 게 저한테는 가장 좋았던 거 같아요~!!
방 구할 때 큰 도움이 되었던 앱. 좋은 부동산의 도움도 물론 필요하지만 역시나 이 앱의 도움이 없었다면 힘들었을 것.
Chang-yong Lee
A Google user
sabi sani