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About AfreecaTV

◆ Summary
Watch a variety of LIVE contents such as Mukbang, K-pop and eSports from your device!
Share your talents and hobbies, whether it’s gaming or late-night meal mukbang.
AfreecaTV made LIVE stream easier than ever before.

Chat with your favorite streamer as you watch pro gamers compete, from Afreeca Freecs on League of Legends to GSL and ASL.
You’re not interested in games? Watch other people’s talents and stream your hobbies.
On AfreecaTV, you can easily stream on your PCs and mobile devices.

◆ Something for Everyone
We made your search easier! AfreecaTV has variety of LIVE streams and VODs.
If you already have your favorite streamers, watch their LIVE, VODs and highlighted clips.

◆ Don’t stop, GO LIVE
AfreecaTV made LIVE stream easier than ever before, all you need is your mobile phone and AfreecaTV app.
With AfreecaTV app you can directly stream from your android devices.

If you are an artist or a gamer, share your talents by using Screen Capture mode to Stream.
You can LIVE stream your mobile activities by Go LIVE > Stream with Screen Capture.

◆ Additional Features
+Use Pop-out Player to enjoy your stream while sending text messages
+In app QuickView purchase for entering full rooms and watch in highest resolution
+Watch on the go via Radio Mode
+Diverse stream quality options
+Stream with your front and back camera
+Live chat with streamers
+Send creative and fun emoticons
+Standby mode for connectivity issues
+Alerts when your favorite streamers go LIVE
+Become a fan club member and VIP for exclusive perks
+Conveniently search for your preferred content and events
+Organize favorite LIVE streams and VODs
+Personalized VOD section

◆ Connect with Us

AfreecaTV is an interactive platform that connects you with the world and your surroundings.
It can make your dreams and hobbies into an occupation, and enables you to freely share your experiences with others!

Having any problems with the app?
Contact us via [email protected]

Instagram: @afreecatvglobal
Twitter: @afreecaTV_gl
YouTube: @AfreecaTV Global

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What can I watch on AfreecaTV?

You can watch a variety of live contents such as Mukbang, K-pop, and eSports from your device.

Can I interact with the streamers on AfreecaTV?

Yes, you can chat with your favorite streamer as you watch pro gamers compete.

How can I stream on AfreecaTV?

You can easily stream on your PCs and mobile devices using the AfreecaTV app.

What additional features does AfreecaTV offer?

Some additional features include using the pop-out player, watching in highest resolution, radio mode, diverse stream quality options, and live chat with streamers.

Can I stream my mobile activities on AfreecaTV?

Yes, you can stream your mobile activities by using the Screen Capture mode and going live.

How can I contact AfreecaTV for support?

You can contact us via [email protected] for any problems with the app.

How can I connect with AfreecaTV on social media?

You can connect with AfreecaTV on Instagram (@afreecatvglobal), Twitter (@afreecaTV_gl), Facebook (, and YouTube (@AfreecaTV Global).
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Great quality
Hottest girls you'll see but I can't understand why they keep saying videos,19+, are for adults: they're milder than on YouTube. And stop "warning" about them every time. But I'm uninstalling because nothing...
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Sungjin Ha