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About EduSys College

EduSys is a cloud based educational institute management app (Ideal for Elementary/ Preschool, K-12 Schools, coaching classes, and Higher Education - College and University) to automate entire campus operations. Anywhere from registering students into course, hostel/ dorm management, student and library management, tracking students and faculty attendance real-time with bio-metric, collecting and receipting fee payments, managing donations, creating assignments, publishing results, to even issuing parents access to their ward(s)essential information; anything can be executed using the application.

What can EduSys Do?

Upon opting EduSys to automate, integrate and organise departments in your organization you can subsequently:
• Reduce human-labour
• Increase efficiency, and productivity
• Improve business decisions
• Enhance Real-time collaboration
• Optimise management
• Eliminate paper usage. Paperless.
• Streamline Processes
• Gain better financial and strategic insights
• Affordability and sustainability
• Emphasise on accountability
• Better optimization of data
Upgrade with Technology and Step into The Future.
The Following can be managed and automated with EduSys:
• Database Management
• Pre and Post Admission Management
• Multi-branch Management
• Send Bulk SMS/E-Mail: Notify events, announcements and holidays via SMS or E-mail
• Student Management
• Fee Management
• Exams & Result Management
• Transportation Management
• Library Management
• Staff Payroll Management
• Timetable Management
• Finance and Accounts Management

From Beginning Till End

EduSys is an ideal paperless Admission Software. It enables the administration to manage the admission and registration procedures of all the students along with storing their family details, transfer certificates, medical history and birth certificates, their photograph etc. One can record and track fee payments, refundable security deposit, and registration fee, assign the course/class, section and roll number to the student.

App for Teachers

EduSys App helps teachers in creating interactive lesson plans, presentations, assessments, and digital content, and access students in classrooms.
• Teachers can create and share lesson plans/ timetables with students
• Teachers can track individual progress of students
• E-Learning: Helps Teacher in creating slides that can include text, video, and images
• Helps Techers with exam questions, quizzes, polls, and assignments
• Teachers can record and monitor students’ attendance
• Teachers can distribute study materials and syllabus online
• Exams and results management
• Automatic Gradebook
And more.

App for Administration (Head Masters/ Principal/ Directors)

• Students Enrolments and Admissions
• Track staff and students’ attendance
• Student Fee Payment Management
• Go Paperless
• Multiple Branch Management
• Transportation Management: Administration can track vehicles
• Focuses more on better Strategic Tasks
• Improves decision making
And Many.

App for Students

• Improves interaction with teachers, parents, and fellow classmates
• Homework & Digital diary
• Students can access attendance, timetable, marks, grades and examination schedule
• Access to Library: Browse through library books, catalogue and identify the book(s) to be issued
• Students can receive prior information on events and holidays
And Many more.

App for Parents
• Parents can stay connected with the institution effectively and easily
• Efficient and quality interaction with teachers
• Parents can actively participate in events and activities
• Parents can stay regularly updated on their ward’s attendance, progress reports, and student fee payment
• Receive Prior information about events and holidays
• Parents can suggest and stay updated through articles, discussion forums, image gallery and SMS messaging system
And more.

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