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About Touch Block Pro - screen , touch , block

This app is to prevent unintentional touches on devices with bezel-less screens.
Places clear filters on both edges of the screen to stop taps from registering in those areas.

Touch Block Pro frees you from the stress of having to be extremely careful with your smartphone.

Apps such as YouTube and Netflix that display in full screen make it easy to accidentally register taps.
Realize true comfort through Touch Block Pro.

■ Automatically Block by App
Automatically turns the blocking function ON or OFF when it detects that the specified app has been launched or closed.
You can set the app to automatically turn on the blocking function for apps that are susceptible to mistaps such as YouTube or Netflix.

■ One-tap ON/OFF Switch
Turn the blocking function ON/OFF with one tap through the shortcut, widget, quick panel, or notification panel.

This app uses user accessibility services.
The app detects which apps have been launched or closed by using user accessibility services.
Based on this information, the app automatically turn on the block function when a specified app is launched and then turns off the function when the app is closed.
This information is not stored or shared.

【For OPPO users】
This app needs to run a service in the background to detect which app has started.
OPPO devices require special settings to operate app services in the background due to their unique specifications. (If you do not do this, services running in the background will be forcibly terminated, and the app will not operate properly.)
Please drag this app a little down from the recent apps history and lock it.
If you do not know how to set, please search for "OPPO task lock".

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as described
It's amazing! You can have it fully transparent so you get the best of both world! Now I can use my phone without a case because I won't have an unresponsive screen when clutching my phone with one ✋.
GtheJuggler - Gábor Ivanicskó
Works fine.
Derghi Arrinde
Amazing trans6
Terri Tauranga
Reasonable. Some aaaa were not work, locked automatically while others free simultaneously.
Ristantyo Harmanto