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About One Hand Operation Support (Pro)

A cat who likes one-handed operation will support your "one-handed operation".

"Smartphones are too large with one-handed operation."
"I want to operate with one hand while holding luggage or bag"
It is an app created for those who.


<< About this app (paid version) >>

- Free version and this paid version, there is no difference on the function.
- The difference is as follows. (Purchase benefits)
 + White cat icon is available
 + Red tabby cat icon is available
 + Gray tabby cat icon is available
 + Calico cat icon is available
- I would be happy if you consider purchasing to support the development of this app. Sales will be used for development environment (purchase of development equipment, purchase of test phone), etc.
- Free version and paid version can be used simultaneously.
- Please confirm operation by free version beforehand.


<< App overview >>

<>What you can do

[1] Easily tap a button that your finger cannot reach by one-handed operation mode.
[2] Easily one-handed operate back / home / notification bar by gesture function.
[3] Customize to your favorite icons such as cats and shapes.

<>What you cannot do

- In one-handed operation mode, only tap/long tap/swipe supported.
- In one-handed operation mode, continuous taps are not possible (tap will return to the original screen)
- In one-handed operation mode, text editing menus such as copy cannot be tapped (under consideration).
- In one-handed operation mode, protected apps (such as Chrome's secret tab) are displayed in black screen (tap operation possible).

<> Other points

- Battery saving.
- Launch a shortcut from another apps.
- We emphasize privacy protection and do not collect or analyze personal information at all.
This app is no need to worry about information leaks because internet access is not allowed.


<< Notes >>

- Android 6 or higher is required.
- Permission.
 - Capturing display.
 - Display over other apps.
- If it does not work well, please restart this app or your device.

Works great
Rob Damiani
Simple effective and stylish app, currently on the honor system for payment and I support that
Daniel Osborne
This app is perfect to use on my Pixel 3 XL since the screen is very big. I have been using this app for a while and it works great.
Dave Antoine