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About Word Count Notes

Word Count Notes - Simple Free Notes app with Character count!
It is a useful tool if you make memo, drafts, novels, essay, etc..

Do you know how to say "Word Count" in multi languages?
English - Word Count
Japanese - 文字数カウント
Chinese (Simplified) - 字数
Chinese (Traditional) - 字數
Korean - 문자수
Russian - Количество слов
Portuguess - Contagem de palavras
Italian - Conteggio parole
French - Nombre de mots
German - Wortzahl
Spanish - El recuento de palabras
Finnish - Sanamäärä
Turkish - Sözcük sayısı
Swedish - Antal ord
Arabic - عدد الكلمات
Dutch - Aantal woorden
Polish - Contagem de palavras
Thai - การนับจำนวนคำ
Greek - Καταμέτρηση λέξεων
Vietnamase - Số từ
Hindi - शब्दों की गिनती
Czech - Počet slov
Danish - Word Count
Norwegian - Ordtelling
Hungarian - Szavak száma
Catalan - Nombre de paraules
Croatian - Brojanje riječi
Hebrew - ספירת מילים
Romanian - Număr de cuvinte
Slovak - Počet slov
Ukrainian - Підрахунок слів
Indonesian - Jumlah kata
Malay - Count Word

This app uses these icons. Thank you.


At least i can submit my stories and count words. It automatically save the documents
Mubashir Aziz
Just what I was expecting... thanks for creating this app
Attah Amego
Pretty easy to use and simple as it promises I just love this app
Zahra Shaker