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About NEKO GOLF -Anime GOLF-

NEKO GOLF puts the feel of realistic golf play at your fingertips!
Hone your skills and challenge the world's strongest players, or take it easy and enjoy a relaxing round while talking with friends!
Tour vast courses with players from around the world!

You can choose the display language in the app from English,繁体字,简体字,한국어,日本語.

<NEKO GOLF Features>

◆The thrill of real golf on your mobile device! ◆
Recreates the experience of being on the green(^^)
Getting nervous and hitting a duff...(your finger slipped)
A delayed slice of the club...(you swiped too slowly)
Your foot slips and throws off your slice...(A hard-to-hit shot)
You've never experienced a game of golf like this!

◆Unique interface captures the feeling of a real golf shot◆
Super simple controls: just slide & flick!
But technique is important if you want to hit an accurate shot!

◆Enjoy thrilling gameplay with opponents from around the world◆
You can play against users from all over the world in a "Golf Tour", where you can stack up wins to elevate your rank!
Also, participate in periodic tournaments like the "Cash Tournament" where you can compete against other players up against the same conditions for cash prizes,
or in the "Open Championships" tournament, that only the top-ranked players are invited to.

◆2 Play Modes◆
”Enjoy Mode” - play a casual game of golf!
"Battle Mode" - compete for the best score!

"Enjoy Mode"
Enjoy a casual game of golf without worrying about who wins.
The better your score, the more Tour Points you'll get!

"Battle Mode"
Compete for the best score against your opponent.
The winner will receive more Tour Points than you would in "Enjoy Mode",
but the losing player won't get any points.

◆Enhanced communication◆
Players can easily communicate with each other through stickers and voice chat!
Enjoy a game of golf while talking with your friends!
※Players must be 13 or older to use voice chat

◆Collecting and Enhancing Clubs◆
NEKO GOLF features many types of golf clubs with various characteristics!
Rapidly expand your strategic range by collecting and enhancing your clubs!

◆Popular characters from the White Cat Series take to the green as pro golfers!◆
Debuting as 3D model avatars for the first time!
Character voices by the magnificent cast of "White Cat Project"!

Hero Golfer (CV: Yuki Kaji)
Charlotte (CV: Maaya Uchida)
Oscurol (CV: Ai Kayano)
Liam (CV: Yuuichiro Umehara)
Yukimura (CV: Noriaki Sugiyama)
Airis (CV: Yui Horie)
Chako (CV: Runa Onodera)

◆Character Customization◆
When it comes to playing golf, fashion comes first!
Enjoy playing golf with your own custom look using clothing and accessories tailored to each character!

▼ You'll love NEKO GOLF if you:▼
・Are curious about golf games
・Want to participate in tournaments featuring prizes
・Love sports games
・Love competitive games
・Are familiar with White Cat Project
・Are familiar with White Cat Tennis
・Are looking for a game that can be played to its full potential
・Have been searching for free games to play
・Are looking for a game to kill time
・Are searching for a fun strategy game
・Want to play a game oriented toward players' skills
・Want to play with users from around the world
・Are interested in e-sports
・Are searching for a game that features cute characters
・Want to freely customize your characters
・Want to play games with voice chat

Android 8.0 3GB or greater

<Latest News>

●Official Website

●Official Facebook

<Contact Us>

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Good Game and can relaxin game
Rio Permana
Wow okay thanks
Arthur Webster
ಥ⁠‿⁠ಥ it's not like what i think.. hard to get a perfect swing.. doesnt that mean the game was bad..just hard to learn ._.
Sachie Ayumi
Great game. Pre download is good, don't listen to these imbeciles.
Chase Crow
john gregorio
I'm really enjoying it so far. I hope there will be more ways to earn G Jewels soon. Hoping for some collabs in the future too. (≧∇≦)//