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About Mahjong Girls :Pretty&Sexy PZL

Vastly upgraded on May ○○, 2013!!
Also improved the quality of graphics and sounds.
Reduced the price of additional stages.

This application is upgraded and bundled version of "Mahjong solitaire" puzzles which have been released before.
Please be careful before purchasing if you have played the "Mahjong Solitaire" in the past, that content of the puzzles has not changed.

Change from the old version
-Bundled the series that have been released individually.
-Modified the graphic quality according to common smartphone.
-upgraded the quality of sound.

Caution for this application

You can play old version series as before but the buying information, stored data, and data of solved puzzle are not compatible with this application
Please note that to play this application, you need to purchase even you have purchased the old version before.
Also, we have stopped delivering old series as releasing this application. Thank you for playing.

A group of lovely lasses storms onto the Android for classic puzzling in the MahjongGirls series!
Solve Mahjong solitaire puzzles with the beautiful Konmei sisters to complete reward graphics!

-Improved interface for easier play!

Puzzles tweaked to no longer require scrolling or zooming.
Tile size and layout makes for smooth, classic-style Mahjong solitaire.
Vertical smartphone interface makes controls a snap!

-Features high-resolution graphics and full voice acting!

The crystal clear smartphone LCD makes sure you can see every detail of the starring beauties.
Hear everything the girls have to say in rich sound.

-Mahjong solitaire from Sunsoft, so you know it can't be beat!

Sunsoft has been making Mahjong solitaire titles for over twenty years, so you can count on great tile layouts and loads of fun!
This version of Mahjong solitaire is also a gal game, meaning that a broad spectrum of players, from longtime fans of Mahjong solitaire to gal game fans can enjoy this title.
#The game will always be resolved. Play with thinking deeply.

Android2.3.3 or more.
Screen WVGA or more.

Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.You may obtain a copy of the License at

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Thomas Anderson
Nice mahjong puzzles
Craig Gurney
This is the closest i have seen to the games i played in Japan.
Morgan David
Great but I would love it if you could have them to speak in English.
Ronnell White
You must pay
Ay like this game
England Caushllari