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About Peg Solitaire

This game is also known as Marble Solitaire or Brainvita.

When you start a game of Peg Solitaire every hole but one is filled with a peg. A valid move is to jump a peg over an adjacent peg into an empty hole two positions away and remove the jumped peg. The goal is to remove as many pegs as possible from the board. The game is over if there is no valid move left and the score reflects the number of removed pegs. The score is "perfect" if there is only one peg left and it is in the marked hole.

There are different variants and this game contains the following:
- Englisch Solitaire
- French Solitaire
- German Solitaire
- Asymmetrical Solitaire
- Diamond Solitaire

Challange yourself with Peg Solitaire and try to solve all the variants of the game.