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About Destiny Lore

With the Destiny Lore app, you can read the Destiny 1 Grimoire Cards and the Destiny 2 lore books from the video-game franchise Destiny (2014) developed by Bungie.

You can log in with your PlayStation or Xbox account linked with to view your total Grimoire Score. By default, cards you haven’t unlocked will be hidden, but can be made visible with a toggle button. (Requires Internet Connection)

Internet connection not required to view any particular lore.

Fantastic app! There is lore that I have unlocked only some of, and I lack the patience to wait to unlock the rest. This let's me read it all at once. On top of that it means it's a quick and simple way to p...
Can be very helpful.😎
Manuel Duran
This app is amazing for lore nerds like me who don't actually spend much time doing raids, amazing!
Scout Trooper Direct