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About Smart Control Premium (OBDII)

Thanks to the information provided by the OBDII diagnostic, Smart Control is able to calculate the consumption, detect the beginning and the end of every move and store trips; in addition, it can calculate and track performance data such as power and speed up or braking etc.

For the latest generation of the Mazda Skyactiv engines, the app is able to display the data related to the regeneration of the DPF filter and monitor its activation.

It's important to note that the Premium version does not guarantee greater compatibility than the Free version. So, the users interested in buying, have to check the proper connection of the Free version with cars.

The free version provides a range of functions and for less demanding users is a good on-board computer (OBC). The Premium version was created for more demanding users who want an advanced OBC.
The graphics of the Premium version has been optimized and improved both in aesthetic and features to make your driving experience even more enjoyable. Through the Head Up Display function (HUD) of the Live Data you will be able to read all the information in your field of view.

For more informations, read the Free version description.

The functions of both two apps are absolutely equivalent, except for those with limitations in Free version (listed below):
Do not allow to show and reset engine fault codes/DTC trouble codes stored;
- Keep only the last three trips and data;
- The average consumption and the other values are based on the last three trips available, with a poor precision;
- Show only the last two refuelings;
- Do not display the arrival position;
- Do not allow navigation to the last known position;
- Do not allow other user addition;
- During the trip, it allows only the display of acceleration 0-100 km/h;
- Display HUD function not supported in Free version.

If you purchase the Premium version you can overcome all of these limitations and you could enjoy a new generation of on-board computer.

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Mihai Milea
Great customer service! Easy to use and understand app, definitely a must if you own a car with obd2!
Destiny Other
Michael Holmes
lee caruana
Just installed after the demo mode. Seems money well spent.
James Exploring Online
excellent app👍, please come up with IOS version.
Chaee Bokaa