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About IslamSat Channel

IslamSat television network, is the first Islamic TV channel based in Sydney Australia, broadcasting and streaming online 24/7!

IslamSat channel was developed to provide Australian Muslims an alternative to traditional network television. Our programs are thought provoking, uplifting and will inspire discussion about topics that are important to our faith. We feature Islamic movies, documentaries, series, children’s programs, live interactive shows and original productions.

Get instant access to IslamSat Channel at home on your television, as well as on your computer, tablet and smartphone. Watch live on your home television with Google ChromeCast, or you can use the web browser on your iPhone, iPad, Android device or laptop or download our App in the Apple Store or Google Play Store. It’s your choice, you can watch IslamSat Channel everywhere you go!

Unlike going to a movie rental site or app that only features On Demand options, IslamSat channel also includes a live streaming TV network that we schedule and produce just for you with carefully selected programs. Think of it as a typical TV channel for Muslims that has Islamic movies, documentaries, series, children's programs, live interactive shows and original productions, in addition to providing you with a 24/7 streaming TV network.

The aim of IslamSat Channel is to give an opportunity to the Muslims in Australia a chance to express themselves through media outlets covering local and global activities and events, and to address and expand on the problems within the community for a better future. The Muslims in Australia don't have to be silent any longer, IslamSat Channel will give you a voice to be heard!

love it, mashallah👍
Islam2Day Agency | Dawah.Media
What a nice and simple app tabatakAllah. love the channel specially the live makkah with Quran english translation..
Fawaz Al-Badri
Best Channel
Tarek Mushrif