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About Catris

Say hello to the most adorable new puzzle game, Catris! All sorts of shapes and colors of cats are dropping in and they just want to cuddle! Drag them side to side and rotate them so they fit together. If you make the purrfect cuddle puddle by filling in an entire row of cats, you'll clear the row to make room for more. But be careful--let the cats pile up too high and it's game over!

The best game ever on Android. it has all the potential to win the game of the year!!
Prashant C
Forget Game of the Year - this tour de force is a contender for Soundtrack of the Year. 5/5, though could always use more cats.
Ben Fersenheim
Cats and Tetris... What's not to love!
joe mckay
So much fun, easy to play and kill time with! Who doesnt love cute cat tetris?!
Maddy Leger