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About Quran SmartPen (Word by Word)

Smart Quran is designed to enhance your Quran reciting.It enables you to play back each phrase or verses by touching it which would help you to correct your recitation and Tartil. It would help the beginners to recite the Quran themselves by touching each difficult part to check your recitation. In this application you don't need to wait and you can just play back each phrase that you need.
This app would recognize a group of words which should recite together and also group the small words such as "و" and "لا". For instance, the app recite the "اهدنا الصراط المستقیم" in one connected recitation but recite "ایاك نعبد و ایاك نستعین" in four parts.

In this trial version you can test the application in "Al-Fatihah" ,"An-Nabaa", and "An-Nazi'at" and all Surah in part 30th of Quran. If you find the app useful you can buy the whole Quran with an in-app purchase.

It is very good
Yakubu Buriyaminu
Very useful, Alhumdhulillaah. Jazak allaahu kairan for making this beneficial app.
Shameema Hooriyah
The best apps ever after ..tq