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About Posts for SnapChat - Snaper

Engaging with your followers is crucial to building trust and supporting relationships. One of the best ways to boost the power of your community is by creating interesting discussions. That's exactly what we developed Snaper for!

It works as easy as one-two-three:
1. Login via SnapChat
2. Create an interesting Topic for discussions and Add it to a SnapChat story
3. Get feedback and engage your followers in Topic-oriented group chat rooms

Feel the power of smart conversations! Meet your friends in a new way. Try topics like:
"What is the meaning of life?"
"What is most important for you and why?"
"What is love?"

What else can you use Snaper for?
- ask your friends’ opinion on topics that interest you and get their honest feedback
- snap meaningful questions in your stories and explore the unique answers of your followers
- initiate forums by interests and gather your followers in group chat rooms

Every post you publish, every question you ask initiates a topic-oriented discussion where you can meet your friends in a new way. Get their answers in a texting or messaging style, tell them your opinion. Be free in your self-expression. Create posts as stickers which can be easily added to your SnepChet photos.

The app has been created at TechCrunch Hackathon using the official Snap KIT provided by SnapChat Team. We are so excited to present to you this new cool feature that the yellow app has been missing!

Happy Snapping,
The Team of

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