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About Nold Open - Your Virtual Keychain

Nold Open is a small and secure Bluetooth compatible device, which connects to any kind of electronic locks: garage door or gate openers, door locks, alarm systems, pool covers and more. Connect Nold Open to your existing device and you can replace all your remotes with virtual keys on your phone!

You can manage your keys using our free Android application. Grant access easily for your friends and family members. Multiple keys and devices can be added to the same app, allowing you to manage all your keys in a single place.

Not just for your home, but for your business too… All of your devices and guests can be managed in Nold Cloud, an easy to use, browser-based application. Track who and when used your doors, revoke access with a single tap or share time restricted keys.

Nold is not just a smartphone based gate opener. It can help you create a modern, easy-to-use access control system for offices, apartments and communities.

Works really well and easy to use !
Peter Norris
Very very good highly recommended
Eoin Corr
Love it
Thomas Siviter