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About Explore Slovenia Travel Guides

Explore Slovenia in more detail!
Search for inspiration for your next holidays with our free-of-charge official Slovenian
tourist app. Choose your area or topic of interest. Plan your own routes across Slovenia using our descriptions, photos, and video content.  

Camps, Glamping sites and Motorhome rest areas
Discover the right accommodation for you anywhere in Slovenia, with a tent, caravan, motorhome or only your personal luggage, in an organized but completely natural environment! You can find out more about camps, glamping sites and motorhome rest areas in Slovenia.

Nature Parks in Slovenia
If you wish to enjoy some peace and relaxation, natural beauty, go to a nature park. This engaging catalog features the most beautiful Slovenian parks, along with all the necessary information.
Healthy waters
Get up to speed with Slovenia’s health resorts. Choose a destination which best suits
your needs: health and prevention, wellness and self-care, relaxation or water fun.
The Mysterious Karst
Explore a land of underground caves and some above-ground surprises. Find your
own reasons for visiting the landscape that gave its name to all the karst phenomena across the world.
Fly fishing
Wade into the waters of Slovenia’s rivers and lakes. Find the ones with the most fish.
Learn more about Slovenian fly fishing!

Sport destination
Do you wonder what the secret of Slovenian sports achievements is? In this
publication, learn about the possibilities on offer in Slovenia for the successful sports
preparations of athletes.

Cities of culture
Why visit just one town or city? In Slovenia, visitors only need a brief time to
experience a number of adventures in various towns. Look through this catalog of
historical cities and towns, pick a place and go for a visit!

Cycling in Slovenia
The publication describes tours for various biking types; here, you can find
information on accommodation for bikers, trail difficulty, natural and cultural
attractions along the way, and suggestions for biking holidays.

EDEN, European Destinations of Excellence in Slovenia
Slovenia boasts six European Destinations of Excellence, twelve destinations have
made it to the finals of the selection process. In these destinations, you can
experience green and socially responsible adventures.

Ski resorts in Slovenia
This publication provides lovers of skiing with many suggestions for Alpine and
Nordic skiing, ski touring, snowboarding, sledding, snow-shoeing, and another winter
sports experiences.

Follow the bees
Get to know the land of bees, beekeepers and honey love. Certified beekeeping
providers, tourist farms, places of original ethnological heritage and green nature
await you in Slovenia. Draw your own Slovenian beekeeping trail!

Farm Stays in Slovenia
This catalog provides you with ideas and tips for visiting tourist farms all around
Slovenia. It enables you to find information for your holiday at a selected tourist farm
yourself and it helps you plan trips, family celebrations, business meetings, etc.

Cultural Experiences
Discover the mysterious combination of cultural sights and natural patterns which
have had their meeting point in Slovenia, at the crossroads of nations and regions,
for centuries. Publication Cultural experiences open doors to travelers into the world of artistic creativity and architecture, into the history of culture and the
modern way of life. Come on in, it´s Slovenia Culture Time!

Refer to this publication to find detailed descriptions of individual trails and hiking destinations around Slovenia and the accommodation selection in particular areas.

Golf in Slovenia
Golf has been present in Slovenia since 1937, and today you can enjoy a round on 16 golf courses across the country, which is proud to be hosting the prestigious IGTM – the International Golf Travel Market. Let the publication full of practical information and tips for inspiring experiences lead you to enjoy golf in the diversity of Slovenia!