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About RPG ToDo List & Calendar. Habit Tracker. Organizer

Overwhelmed by too many tasks to do? Putting off what is really important and procrastinating indefinitely? Getting distracted when working on something important?

myPoli turns your life into a fun RPG game. It combines all your tasks, habits, events & notes into one, easy to use app! Get rewarded for completing your todos & habits and achieve your goals! Ad-free!

myPoli lets you keep track of your time, stick to good habits, create healthy routines and achieve your life goals! It is a powerful app that helps you be more organized by writing all your daily to-do list and do all of your daily tasks easily. Smart and easy to use app that lets you be more organized! Download "myPoli: RPG Habit Tracker & ToDo List | Calendar" on your Android phone or tablet now.

⭐ Gamify your life ⭐

✓ Set Challenges for yourself! Your new pet will help you along the journey (with reminders) and reward you (rather generously) when you get it done! Level up and earn Life Coins, which can use to buy avatars, food for your pet, items, themes, colors icons and more! Prove you're worthy by unlocking Achievements.

Earn stat points to improve yourself (e.g. strength, intelligence, expertise, willpower) and gain additional bonuses. For example, every time you go to the gym you can level up your strength and willpower stats.

⭐ Habit Tracker ⭐

✓ You can track your daily habits easily with our app. Try to have the largest streak and don't break the chain!

⭐ Day Planner ⭐

✓ Plan and organize your day by dragging and dropping your ToDos on the Calendar

✓ myPoli combines your Calendar and ToDo list in one place, so you can easily organize your schedule, set repeating tasks or plan events.

✓ Get a quick overview of your week/month or stay focused on today with a simple tap.

✓ myPoli lets you easily add and track your ToDos & habits.

✓ Start your day with a motivational quote and a simple way to review what you did yesterday. Pick your 3 most important tasks for the day, set reminders and get it done!

⭐ Preset Challenges ⭐

✓ Enjoy amazing pre-made programs for nutrition plans, home weight loss workouts, muscle building, learning, reading, destress & mindfulness rituals and more!

⭐ Stay focused with Pomodoro Timer ⭐

✓ Stay focused on your important tasks longer by using the Pomodoro timer! The perfect way to stay in the flow while you're studying, writing or programming!

⭐ Journal ⭐

✓ Track your mood, write down notes and review your days in your private diary

⭐ Easy & Smart ⭐

✓ Use Artificial Intelligence to schedule your important tasks so you can get them done and make progress towards your goals!

⭐ Smart Reminder ⭐

✓ Sometimes you can forget to do something that is too important. But some tasks are too important and you need to finish them within a time period. Your pet will remind you at the right time with a cute popup, so you will never miss anything again!

⭐ Daily ToDos & Habit Widgets ⭐

✓ Review your daily schedule or mark your Quests and Habits as complete with two beautiful widgets!

⭐ Google Calendar sync ⭐

✓ Synchronize all your events & calendar right into myPoli! You can find your events in the calendar or the daily widget! No more missed meetings or birthdays! 😂

myPoli is the best free time manager and habits tracker app that will let you organize yourself and write down and track all your daily tasks. Personal organizer that will remind you to do each one of your tasks and habits every day and will help you to be more productive & motivated in the easiest way. It makes your life easier by letting you plan your day in the best way and an amazing widget that will show you your daily schedule at a glance.

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- Contact [email protected]

Download myPoli for free and be more organized and productive!

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