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About Gk book

Gk book app is for learning about general knowledge in one place. this app is consisting of more than 1000+ questions and answers of general knowledge and these questions have been covering all the areas and will be a huge advantage especially for those who are preparing for competitive examinations(SLAS/SLEAS. This app works online as well. Everything in the app is carefully selected by a team of experts keeping your exam needs in mind.

සාමාන්‍ය දැනීම(samanya danima) ප්‍රශ්න හා පිළිතුරු සිංහලෙන් ඉගෙන ගැනීමට මෙම ඇප් එක ප්‍රයෝජනවත් වේවි. සාමාන්‍යපෙළ,උසස්පෙළ,ගුරු/පරිපාලන තරග විභාග,නීති විභාග සහ ශිෂ්‍යත්ව විභාගයට අදාල සාමාන්‍ය දැනුම මෙම ඇප් එක මගින් සිංහල බසන් ඉගෙන ගත හැකිය.

hera plus
Good app. Plz udate it within the every general sides. Best of luck.
Geography English
Thanks for introducing this app. Bcz it's very important and valuable for anyone. If anyone want to enhance, general knowledge , this one is the best one.. ❤️
piyumi rashmika