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About Kids Learn Dzongkha

Kids Learn Dzongkha is Dzongkha language game-based learning app for kids with the time images and induced voice of native speaker. Kids will learn lessons in each level and their outcome is measured by attempting quiz.
Our app will entertain and motivate kids to learn Dzongkha with the rewards and score shown after completing the quiz. Kids Learn Dzongkha helps to learn basic Dzongkha words, pronunciation and spelling.
Language lessons:
* Alphabet
* Vowel
* Number
* Body parts
* Days of the week
* Color
* Weather
* Clothes
* Utensils
* Transportation
* Occupation
* Fruits
* Vegetables
* Cereals
* Greeting
* Honorific Terms
The app contains six levels with multiple lessons. The quiz activities include:
* Listen and choose
* Look and choose
* Read and choose