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About Instories: insta story collage maker & editor

Instories is the post and story creator for Instagram, which will help you take the most out of your account. Install this app for instagram grid and create video stories and posts that will surely get into trends!

Do you want your Instagram account to be popular or commercially successful? Then each ig story and post in your account should look amazing. How to achieve that? To use story templates and themes from the instagram story collage maker Instories. But this stories edit app is not just a collection of Instagram themes and pic collages: this story builder will help you create videos that will look thoroughly professional ― with stylish and intricate fonts, exciting animations, musics and so on.

Top 8 reasons to choose Instories video collage maker with music:

- The huge collection of collage templates for Insta stories and posts. There is a story template for every taste and need: business, mosaics, neon, minimalism and more. You will easily find the Insta layout that will fit into your account perfectly.

- Templates for both story videos and posts. You can use all the layouts from this Instagram editing app in both the vertical format for stories and the square format for usual posts. So, you can apply the single theme for all the posts in your account if you wish.

- Photo and video support. With this Instagram layout app you can make stories and share them with your subscribers in any format.

- A wide choice of visual effects. Change fonts, add animations and other eye-catching effects with just one touch!

- Music support. To make your videos even more entertaining, add your favorite music from Instories collection: there are popular tracks for every audience, mood and occasion. Sure, you can also make use of the music collection on your phone.

- Ease of use. Instories is the perfect Instagram post maker for those, who do not want to waste time on finding out how complex editing apps operate. Working with the layout from Instagram can and should be easy! Creating, editing and saving posts with Instories is simple and intuitive, you will not have to scrutinize any instructions or guides. With this Insta edit app you will learn how to make trendy and engrossing stories almost from scratch without any special skills or great effort.

- Simple and quick export. After creating the content with this Instagram post maker, you can share it with friends either through Instagram or with the help of any other messenger. There is no need to limit yourself to using one social media only. Certainly, you can easily download all the stories and posts to your phone as well.

- No registration. You do not need to create an additional account to use Instories. Just install this collage maker for Instagram, choose a template and start creating a video or a post.

Do you have a story to share with your subscribers in Instagram? If yes, download Instories and create the post that will make a stir!

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is Instories?

Instories is a post and story creator for Instagram that helps enhance the look of your Instagram account.

How can Instories help in making my Instagram account popular?

Instories provides story templates and themes, allowing you to create videos and posts that look professional and visually appealing.

What are the reasons to choose Instories for creating video collages with music?

Some reasons to choose Instories include a wide collection of collage templates, support for both story videos and posts, photo and video support, various visual effects, music support, ease of use, simple and quick export options, and no registration required.

Can I use Instories to share my stories on Instagram in any format?

Yes, Instories supports sharing stories in any format, including photos and videos.

Is there a wide selection of visual effects available in Instories?

Yes, Instories offers a wide choice of visual effects, allowing you to change fonts, add animations, and other eye-catching effects with just one touch.

Can I add music to my videos using Instories?

Absolutely, Instories allows you to add music to your videos. You can choose from a collection of popular tracks or use music from your own phone.

Is Instories easy to use?

Yes, Instories is designed to be easy to use, even for those who are not familiar with complex editing apps. Creating, editing, and saving posts with Instories is simple and intuitive.

How can I share my created content from Instories?

After creating your content with Instories, you can share it with friends through Instagram or any other messaging platform. You can also easily download your stories and posts to your phone.

Do I need to register to use Instories?

No, you do not need to create an additional account. Simply install Instories, choose a template, and start creating your videos and posts.

How can I download and use Instories?

To download and use Instories, simply search for "Instories" in your app store, install it, and start exploring the features to create engaging posts and stories for Instagram.
Chirag Devasi
Plss aad more templates i really loved it but there are only few template are avalible plsss add more in apple its more easy than in android Plss make it more easy for android users
laraib ishaq