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About League Tycoon

Dynasty Fantasy Football Done Right. Finally.

Stop playing flag football and bring your league to where real strategy happens. Our state-of-the-art app makes it simple for everyone to play dynasty fantasy football.

Contracts & Salary Caps
League Tycoon makes managing your dynasty clear and simple, even Greg will be able to keep up with his team.

Live Online Auction Drafts
Draft from anywhere with our reliable online auction draft. "Can't make it to the draft" Andy will still be able to make bad decisions from the recital.

No More Spreadsheets
Give the commish a break. League Tycoon automatically handles all the tedious book keeping for your league.

Realtime Gameday Stats
Get your popcorn, grab your tablet or phone, and get ready to crush Chad's dreams. We have the fastest live stats available in realtime.

League Chat
Need to remind everyone who the champ is? Don't want the new guy to have your number? We got ya covered with league group text built right into the app.

More Strategy. More Fun.
When Kyle is out of the playoffs (again) his game is just beginning. Plenty of moves to be made to start rebuilding.

I love the game but it is kind of meaning less 😉😊
It's grate I'll recommend it