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About Copiosa: Crypto Wallet

The Copiosa Wallet is more than just a digital wallet, it's an innovative tool that makes managing cryptocurrencies easy and secure. With Copiosa Wallet, you can effortlessly hold, buy, sell, and transfer a wide variety of cryptocurrencies, including those that were previously difficult to access.

Our cutting-edge technology ensures that your digital assets are always safe and secure. Our team has taken the utmost care in developing advanced security features to safeguard our users from potential threats.

With Copiosa Wallet, you have the power to take control of your cryptocurrency portfolio. You can easily monitor your holdings, receive real-time market updates, and make informed decisions about your investments.

Sleek - Hold and swap tokens using our easy to use Wallet.
Simple - Login to access your Copiosa Wallet using your Pin Number, FaceID or Touch ID.
Safe - Copiosa Support will be working to proactively identify and mark scam tokens in our systems.
Social - Send Crypto socially to another Copiosa App user using their Copiosa Alias!

Send, Receive and Trade Cryptocurrencies.
Track your portfolio - View your portfolio’s performance in real time.
Learn about new Cryptocurrencies with Copiosa’s incredible Depth of token information.
Buy Crypto with Fiat Currencies (USD, GBP, EUR, AUD etc.).
Sell Crypto to Fiat Currencies (GBP and EUR).
Connect to Decentralised Applications (Uniswap, Pancakeswap, 1Inch) using Wallet Connect.
Asset Management - Don’t want to see a token in your wallet? Hide it using Copiosa’s sophisticated asset management system.

SUPPORTED BLOCKCHAINS: Copiosa users can hold, buy, sell and transfer cryptocurrency on the Ethereum (ETH) and Binance Smart Chain (BSC) Blockchains. Copiosa supports 700+ Tokens and will continuously add new tokens.

Visit for more information. You can contact Copiosa Support directly using the live chat feature on the Copiosa Website and in the Copiosa Wallet.

View Copiosa’s legal privacy policy at:

© 2022 Copiosa Labs Limited is a company registered in the United Kingdom, (No. 14503800).

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is Copiosa Wallet?

Copiosa Wallet is an innovative tool that allows users to manage cryptocurrencies easily and securely. It enables users to hold, buy, sell, and transfer a wide variety of cryptocurrencies.

How does Copiosa Wallet ensure the security of digital assets?

Copiosa Wallet is built with cutting-edge technology and advanced security features to ensure that users' digital assets are always safe and secure. The development team has taken great care in implementing measures to protect users from potential threats.

What can I do with Copiosa Wallet?

With Copiosa Wallet, you can monitor your cryptocurrency portfolio, receive real-time market updates, and make informed investment decisions. You can also send, receive, and trade cryptocurrencies, as well as connect to decentralized applications.

Why should I use Copiosa Wallet?

Copiosa Wallet offers a sleek and user-friendly interface, making it easy to hold and swap tokens. It also prioritizes safety and proactively identifies and marks scam tokens. Additionally, it allows users to send crypto socially to other Copiosa App users using their Copiosa Alias.

What features does Copiosa Wallet offer?

Copiosa Wallet allows users to send, receive, and trade cryptocurrencies. It also enables users to track the performance of their portfolios in real time and provides in-depth information about new cryptocurrencies. Users can buy and sell crypto with fiat currencies, connect to decentralized applications, and utilize Copiosa's asset management system.

Which blockchains are supported by Copiosa Wallet?

Copiosa Wallet supports the Ethereum (ETH) and Binance Smart Chain (BSC) Blockchains. Users can hold, buy, sell, and transfer cryptocurrency on these blockchains. Copiosa supports over 700 tokens and continuously adds new ones.

How can I get more help with Copiosa Wallet?

For more information and assistance, you can visit You can also contact Copiosa Support directly through the live chat feature on the Copiosa Website and in the Copiosa Wallet.

Where can I view Copiosa's privacy policy?

You can view Copiosa's legal privacy policy at
Easy to setup, great interface and simple to use
Jon Mac
New favourite crypto wallet
Philippe Smith
Its an amazing platform
Don Quy
Very nice wallet!
Albert A
The app is smooth to use.....Waiting for the subsequent updates
Theophilus Quarshie
Smooth app
Mark Green