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About MTG Unofficial

MTG Unofficial is a powerful utility app for Magic: The Gathering.


The application includes an offline card search to search for any card in the game without an internet connection.

Cards list is constantly updated.

You can search by:

- Type / Subtype
- Ability Text
- Color
- Power / Toughness
- Converted Mana Cost
- Set
- Format
- Rarity
- Flavor Text
- Artist

Multilanguage card images.

Cards / Decks prices (

Cards can also be accessed by choosing a set and be saved in a private list.

Contains Game Tools (Lifecounter, Mana counter, Timer, Dice).

You could easily manage decks and your cards collection.
If you are a PRO user you can also:
- import/export decks
- backup your data on Dropbox
- no decks number limit
- search in Collection
- import cards from Collection to a Deck

For all users: Thank you for the support!

NB: see MTG Unofficial Facebook page for update news ;)

I actually love this app but I recently got a glitch from the new patch that has deleted every blue card. I set the only filter restriction to blue and it says there are no cards. I'll change my review as so...
austin stewart
I've been using this app for nearly five years now, and have never once had any kind of issue. Looking up everything can be a bit tedious, but that's it! Idk if it's feasible, but I'd love a feature that cou...
Daniel Elizalde
I make ALOT of commander decks, I use scryfall and MTG Unoffical to make them and keep all my decks in order. It's really an all in one app, its so good I even paid for it, which I never do usually, 100% com...
Meme Lord David