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About Blockper: Crypto Made Easy

Blockper is the easiest and most entertaining way to learn Crypto.

Learn your way around Crypto, Blockchain, NFTs, and other Web3 topics in a fun way - for free.

How are Cryptocurrencies different from regular money? What are the most common Crypto trading strategies? What’s an NFT, and how can I find one that’s a good investment? Why is Blockchain technology so important?

Learn the answers to these and many more questions with Blockper. Whether you’re a complete beginner looking to get into the space or a seasoned Crypto veteran wanting to stay on top of trends and new technologies, Blockper has the content you need.


From basic to expert concepts: Lessons consist of short videos (3.5 minutes on average) that explain even the most complex topics in a simple and easy-to-understand way.


Test your knowledge: At the end of every lesson, there’s a quiz to make sure you’ve understood the content and know how to apply it going forward.


Welcome to Crypto space: The space theme is fun and helps with orientation. Lessons are planets, topics are bundled in galaxies - ready to launch?


Learn and reap rewards: Earn Experience Points (XP) for each lesson completed, and collect Stardust for completing real-life tasks.


Much more than theory: Apply your knowledge of Crypto in practice. Open a wallet, make your first transaction - get hands-on with Cryptocurrency.

JOIN A COMMUNITY (Coming Soon) 👋🏼

Be part of a movement: The Blockper community consists of users just like you and experts that can help with any Crypto questions you have.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is Blockper?

Blockper is a platform that provides an easy and entertaining way to learn about Crypto and other Web3 topics.

How can I learn about Crypto with Blockper?

You can learn about Crypto through short video lessons, interactive quizzes, and real-life tasks offered by Blockper.

What topics are covered in the Blockper lessons?

Blockper lessons cover topics such as Crypto, Blockchain, NFTs, and other Web3 concepts.

How long are the video lessons on Blockper?

On average, the video lessons on Blockper are around 3.5 minutes long.

Can I track my progress on Blockper?

Yes, you can track your progress on Blockper and earn Experience Points (XP) for each completed lesson.

Is there a community on Blockper?

Yes, there is a Blockper community that consists of users and experts who can help with any Crypto questions you may have.

Are the lessons on Blockper free?

Yes, the lessons on Blockper are available for free.

How can I apply my Crypto knowledge in practice with Blockper?

Blockper offers real-life tasks that allow you to apply your knowledge of Crypto, such as opening a wallet and making your first transaction.

Why is Blockchain technology important?

Blockchain technology is important because it provides a decentralized and transparent system for securely recording and verifying transactions.

What is an NFT and how can I find a good investment?

An NFT is a non-fungible token, which represents ownership or proof of authenticity of a unique digital asset. Blockper can provide information on finding NFTs that may be good investments.
Very useful and interactive, developers clearly have a vision and they execute it very well through this product.
Jack Strongballs
Cool app, works
Really wish there was an IOS app since i can't use it on my new phone
Petar Lakcevic
one of the best way to learn fast
Emem Peter
Good app to understand and learn to get a better grasp on what crypto is and how to utilise it into your daily life without being afraid of the unknown. Lessons are easy to follow with text and video followe...
Salvatore Lopes
Finally I found a fun way of learning! The best way to start your crypto journey and I still can't believe it's a free app :)
Elad Revach