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About Heavenly : The first BL content platform ever

The best BL content collection worldwide!
This is heaven!

Starring a pretty Kpop idol boys' story - Korean BL,
Full of romantic sensibility - Taiwan BL,
Colorfully charming stories - Thai BL,
The Kingdom of BL - Japanese BL...
and all the fantasy of the world

Meet your paradise at Heavenly, the first BL/GL content platform ever!
All sweet and exiting stories are in here!

#First release
Attractive BL series are unveiled for the first time in the world!

#BL across the world
The latest BL content made by Korea, Taiwan, Thai, and Japan

#Special fan meet with the main charaters of BL series
Online live events are specially ready for BL fans!

A place where you can meet your genre, story, actor, director...share your experience with your community

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is Heavenly?

Heavenly is the first BL content platform ever, offering the best BL content collection worldwide.

What kind of BL content can be found on Heavenly?

Heavenly offers a variety of BL content from different countries. It includes Korean BL featuring pretty Kpop idol boys, romantic Taiwanese BL with a lot of sensibility, colorful Thai BL stories, and the Kingdom of BL - Japanese BL.

What can I expect from Heavenly?

Heavenly provides a paradise for BL fans, with all the sweet and exciting stories in one place.

What is the first release on Heavenly?

Heavenly unveils attractive BL series for the first time in the world, offering a unique and exclusive experience.

Which countries' BL content can I find on Heavenly?

Heavenly offers the latest BL content from Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, and Japan, bringing together BL stories from across the world.

Are there any special events for BL fans on Heavenly?

Yes, Heavenly organizes special online live events where fans can meet the main characters of the BL series.

Is there a community on Heavenly?

Yes, Heavenly provides a community where you can connect with others who share your interests and experiences in the BL genre. You can discuss your favorite stories, actors, directors, and more.