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About To do list

To Do list with reminder will allow you to organize your tasks to do or events, and keep track of them.

• The best personal organizer for FREE.

• Agenda with simple and intuitive interface.

• Much more than a To-Do List. It will help you accomplish all your goals.

• Keep organized. This agenda has three panels (TO DO, DOING, or DONE), so you can easily keep track of everything.

• Set priorities to your tasks or events. You can set a deadline for each task and also set an alarm, so that you will never forget an important event, date, meeting or task to do.

• Customize notifications with cool ringtone/alarm sounds.

• Export tasks to excel.

• Set priorities to your notes, tasks, events, meetings or dates. Each priority has a color, so you can know how things are going with a quick look.

• Smartwatch compatible. Your notifications will show up on your android smartwatch.

• Keep all your upcoming events under control just by the color. As the date approaches the color changes.

• Create a reminder or task using your voice, due to the built-in voice recognition.

• Add your events to you favorite calendar with ease. Just check the box "add to calendar". Google Calendar compatible.

• Never miss a reminder with the LED blink (if device supports). The color of the LED indicates its priority (green, orange or red).

• Pick up the date and time for you reminder from an easy-to-use calendar.

• Sort tasks by date or priority.

• Built-in tutorial;

• Widget for a quick access to create, modify or just keep track of your pending tasks.

Battery-life optimized with the best programming practices.

• Limited to 10 tasks. Check out the Premium version for a full experience.

Quick start.

Press the + button to add a new task or event. To create a task, a description must be written and it must have a priority and an initial state (To Do, Doing or Done). Once the task has been created its state can be easily changed by a long click on it, and it will be moved to the appropriate tab.


A deadline can be added to a task. In that case a color-changing icon will show up. As the deadline gets closer the color will change as follows:

• Cyan: More than 72 hours left.
• Green: Less than 72 hours left.
• Orange: Less than 48 hours left.
• Red: Less than 24 hours left.
• Grey: The deadline has expired.


An alarm can be added to a task or event. To set an alarm, the task must have a deadline set. The time alarm must be prior to the deadline. When an alarm goes off, a notification is launched with the description of the task, and the selected sound on the Sounds configuration. The color of the notification will be accordingly to the priority assigned. In case the device is turned off, when started, all the alarms that could have gone off during that time, will show up. The color of the alarm icon never changes.


On the options menu the sorting criteria of the tasks can be set for the states To Do and Doing.
• By priority: The higher priority tasks first. When same priority, the closest deadline first.
• By deadline: The closest deadline first.

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Easy to use and helps keep things organised. Looks good too.
Fionan Barrington
Best app to remember your goal
satyam Tiwari
Great. With cool sounds for your reminders.
Luis Vázquez
A perfect tool for note taking, memo & task to do reminder
Malcolson Julieta
Awesome app. Helps out tremendously for those of us with memory issues.
Christopher Heake
It does what it says very helpful very helpful.
Владимир Мордяшов