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About Wipee . Software for Cleaning companies

Wipee is the Data management specific for Cleaning Companies. The solution for managing the employees and their working activities. Plan and control the work carried out form your workers. Wipee helps your staff to keep track of the activities carried out in the field, split by Customers and Contract.
Manage and optimize your resources to improve the efficiency of your team.
Guarantee your employers a systematic and timely control of your interventions, fully accountable with the reports and the mark hours.

App and program completely customizable from you in autonomy without being a programmer.
From the Windows, Web, and MAC OS you can edit fields, writings, tables and sections to adapt Wipee to your working method, autonomously. Once the changes are done, syncronize in Cloud and everything you have customized in the Desktop version you find it also within the App iOS and Android.

With Wipee you can:

- Plan and organise. Plan and assign the activities to carry out to your workers, in this way everyone will know always where to go and what to do, optimizing the time

- Check. Always track the activities carried out and to be carried out, the worked hours by each worker and for each customer. Always all updated

- Work anywhere even offline. It’s possible to work from any smartphone, tablet or PC, even without internet, and then send the updated data when there is a connection

-Share data with the Company and work Team. After filling work reports in the field the syncronization in Cloud send automatically the updated information to the Company ready to be invoiced

- Integrate an App to the management system for invoicing. The solution is integrable with the software already used in your company. Otherwise you can Addons Components even for the complete invoicing

Wipee is a completely customizable and usable from wherever you want. This allows you to optimize all management of staff and customers

You too can work with the App to plan activities, so you will be able to digitize everyone's work.

Try immediately Wipee: the first month is Free!

Visite the website of Wipee:

If you have any question or doubt, you can always count on us and write to [email protected]

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