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About GI and glycemic load

The nutritional values of the list are generic values it is recommended if available to detect the values on the packaging.

You can save and create your own customized list.
In your list you can update the values with those found on the (Food Packaging.) Which may vary according to the manufacturer.

You can change the Grams of your portion and see the difference in glycemic load.
From your list you can add to the dish of the day. And see the total values (GL, Carbohydrates, kcal, Proteins, Fats).

You can save the dishes of the day with Name and Date. And reuse them even changing the grams of the portions.

This application is not intended as a substitute for professional medical care. For advice, diagnosis and its treatment, please consult your doctor.

Hello . Was using the light version year ago .. and now I am on the pro version I like how the app is simple... Just wish if possible to Add option to sort the list by index. Thank you.
Ahmed T
Excellent tool!
Saleem Hoosein Ismaƫl
Very health useful app. Like how menus are created and could modify quantity.
Edward Edralin