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About Thermo Watch Face by HuskyDEV

Thermo Watch Face is fully compatible with Android Wear 2.0 and is compatible with all Android Wear watches

The Thermo Watch Face has ability to:
• Show background gradient color according to current temperature
• Set large text complications to the bottom elongated circle indicator
• Show current weather icon and temperature in the top part of the watch face
• Show Google Fit data, Battery detail, Custom launcher, etc...

Android Wear 2.0 integrated features
• external complication support including large text
• fully standalone
• iPhone compatible

You can also set 7 small or 5 large indicators to predefined views, actions or watch app shortcut. You can set also one elongated circle indicator for larger text. Thermo Watch Face is built for using every day, it simplified many use cases such as launching programs, setting brightness and listening music.

The application is absolutely free and it has core options, but you can purchase the PREMIUM version with a lot of features and options.

FREE version includes:
★ Own launcher
★ Own remote music control
★ Ability to change screen brightness from the launcher
★ Weather forecast for the current day
★ Detailed information of watch battery and phone battery
★ Google Fit data for the current day

PREMIUM version includes:
★ All features from FREE version
★ Set 7 small or 5 large indicators with predefined views, actions or watch app shortcut, including notification preview (Android Wear 2.9)
★ More than 15 language translations
★ Watch battery history chart
★ Endless color combinations
★ Ability to set indicator ring color
★ Ability to choose from 2 styles of notification preview indicator, and change all colors
★ Weather forecast for upcoming hours and days
★ Detailed Google Fit data for the current day and last 7 days
★ Choosing from four battery indicator types
★ Choosing from three Google Fit indicator types
★ Ability to change Keep watches screen awake interval
★ Ability to change Weather update interval
★ Ability to change Weather provider

The configuration of the application also contains:
★ Time and date format according to phone settings (12/24)
★ Enable touch feedback
★ Ability to change temperature units
★ Ability to change wind speed units
★ Information about last weather update

Common synchronization problem solution:

If the Application does not appear on your watch please do the following:
- uninstall the face application from the phone
- disconnect watch from phone
- restart watch
- connect watch and phone again
- install Thermo Watch Face once again

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Nice and easy to access my SmartWatch and lifestye
Sompong Pimpileuk
Great watch face but I wish upon reinstall it's weather complication would default to the OpenWeather option. All my various premium HuskyDEV faces somehow defaulted to a Norway weather service on reinstalls...
Alvester Garnett
The best watchface ever. Period. Every few months, I try new faces but within hours, I keep coming back to this one. There is no other face that looks this good yet offers so many complications. My need is p...
Kshitij Joshi
Very well though out. All shortcuts and complications work well.
Tony Baldwin
If only all apps worked as well as this! All the Husky Dev watch faces are variants of a basic format, but it's a format which works. They do what they say they'll do and the instructions are reasonably unde...
Jenny Eldershaw
Very useful
Ferdinand Veri