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About Haulynx

Haulynx launches FREE Turn-by-Turn Navigation With Truck Routing App powered by Mapbox. Our App now allows you to navigate to pick up and delivery locations while avoiding the costly mistakes that result from navigation aids that do not include truck routing.

Our mobile app can also be paired with our free hardware device to provide a completely free, FMCSA approved ELD solution.

About this app

The Haulynx mobile app provides the following features:

1. Turn-by-Turn Navigation With Truck Routing powered by Mapbox.
2. Dynamic ETA’s that take into consideration traffic, weather, and hours of service restrictions to provide real-time intelligence on expected pickup and delivery times.
3. The ability to share your location and status with Brokers and Shippers when you are carrying their load, but only if you choose to send them a secure link.
4. The ability to provide Brokers and Shippers with geofencing alerts when you arrive and depart from a pickup or delivery location if you choose to send them a secure link.

Carriers who choose to order our FREE hardware device receive the following additional features:

5. A FREE Electronic Logging Device.
6. FREE engine diagnostics monitoring and predictive maintenance.
7. FREE engine error codes.
8. A FREE driver performance module that records extreme driving incidents.

Best of all, using the Haulynx mobile apps allows you to receive load offers custom designed for your specific preferences from the Haulynx broker network.

Haulynx: Where Free really means Free.

***IMPORTANT: This app is currently for long haul truckers only. To sign up, you must provide a valid DOT number that also has an MC number associated with it.

Please feel free to leave feedback about bugs you encounter or features that would enrich the app.

Haulynx Haulynx
Great and free
San Martin Haulynx
I've been using this app for 7 months and it's very good platform 👏
alicia niebla