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About Quran tutor

Quran tutor
Description The all new Quran tutor app offers you to recite ( Tarteel and Hifz ) Holy Quran in your own voice, using cutting edge of speech recognition technology for arabic language the app will judge your recitation and pronunciation.
Quran tutor app will show you your mistakes (if any) in red or green and orange, red mean that you did not pronounce that word, orange means that you mispronounce it, while green means that you pronounced that word correctly. Although a reciter who memorizes the Quran, needs other tutor who listens to his recitation and points oral mistakes. In order to handle this issue, Eqra researchers designed and developed the Holy Quran Tutor ( Al-molem ) and tested it. thanks to new technology and innovation done by Eqra researchers and engineers. The goal of this innovative technology is to afford an effective assistance in the self-learning of reciting Holy Quran. The challenging feature about telawah tutor is that it can detect and fully diagnose the faults – if any – in your recitation of Quran. Quran tutor is offered in 51 different languages. so people who are trying to if you are going learn the Holy quran and get stuck on a word you would simply click the word and the relevant audio would play.
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Mashala it's good work jezakumla
William abdela
Lovely app
Asadullah Khan
Barakallahu fihi. So wonderful 👍
Abiodun Kolade