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About Green-Zones

Note: This app is primarily intended for private and tourist customers or drivers of cars, motorcycles and campers. For professional users and drivers of trucks and buses, who have concluded a service contract with Green-Zones GmbH, the "Green-Zones Fleet-App" is available on Google Play.

Who is allowed to drive in an European environmental zone, with which vehicle type, on what day, depending on what weather conditions? Where are the environmental zones? Where can I order the corresponding badges?

It’s easy to lose the overview. The Green-Zones app helps you and supports you with the following features:

• A detailed representation of all rules and exemptions of each environmental zone in Europe, for which a fee-based badge, vignette or registration is required.
• A geo-data based map system indicating the contours of all the environmental zones, including a zoom function.
• The daily information coming from the local authorities responsible for the environmental zone in order to know the rules and traffics bans planned for the next day.
• Reports of announcements from the authorities for temporary traffic restrictions in an environmental zone for the next day.

Well done! It is a good start. I live in France. ZPAs are set independently by the local prefectures. I fear difficulty to navigate. I would like to: *Set and remember my badge class. *See Restricted areas o...
Stephen Dengel
Excellent for trip planning
Reinis C
Useful app
Bogdan Zurac