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About i-bank Pay4B

NBG is breaking new ground with the launch of a new i-bank app for merchants and businesses, through which they will be able to accept payments via cell phones (smart phones or tablets). i-bank Pay 4 Business enables you to accept payment from your customers without needing to buy any additional equipment, just by downloading the app.

Through the app you can:
• Carry out and accept payments from i-bank Pay customers
• Manage your stores
• Add your employees
• View all of your payments

The money will be deposited to the NBG business account you choose. When the app is running, you can view the history of payments you’ve received while your employees do not have any access to your account and cannot carry out any debits. To activate the service you need to be an NBG customer and have codes for i-bank Internet Banking.

Good implementation. Missing support to move to SD in android 6.
Panos Gkikakis
author Maniatis [email protected]
Nikos Maniatis
Stige MpM