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About bizpay

Welcome to Alpha Bank's bizpay, the new app for managing your business expenses!
Simplify your daily routine and manage your expenses easily and quickly.
Download bizpay today, sign up using your e-Banking username and password at Alpha Bank, and enjoy the benefits offered:
• instant display of the transaction with each use of your card
• immediate dispatch of your transaction receipts
• update on the status your request (approval/rejection)
You no longer need to mail receipts!
Via bizpay, you significantly reduce the time spent managing your business expenses, as all you need to do, after using your card, is to upload a photo of the receipt that corresponds to the transaction in hand, and send it for approval.
In addition, via bizpay you can get information on:
• the available balance of your business card,
• the transactions you have carried out,
• the different expenses categories, for which you can use your card,
while you can also:
• ask for a reminder for your card PIN, in case you no longer remember it,
• report the theft/loss/damage of your card

Very useful and easy to use
Dimitris Avdikos