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About QuasiTV

QuasiTV creates live channels based off content from your Plex, Emby, or Jellyfin Library.

Channels are currently auto generated using the Studio/Network associated with the TV show and the "Genre" associated with the Movie. Shows are scheduled in episode order in blocks of 1 to 4 episodes. Each channel will maintain a 24 hour schedule that updates every 15 minutes.

Create up to 10 custom channels for free or purchasing the "Unlimited Channels" In-App Purchase to create an unlimited amount of custom channels.

-Press 'Up' to open channel guide
-Press 'Down' to show player controls
-Press 'Back' to bring up menu

Contact [email protected] for support.

Note: Images are only blurred in the promo screenshots and not actually in app

This is perfect for what it is. It's straight forward for what it does. Would love to have a non-Android TV version for tablets and Windows Subsystem For Linux.
Gary Sinclair
Awesome! So easy and perfect for the "just put something on" type of mood. Setup was easy and fast.
Brian Albury