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About Music School:Interval & chords

Do you play guitar, piano or any kind of music instrument? Tired of boring practice?

Learn to play any instrument and how to read music is a difficult task that requires lots of practice. But the practice don't have to be boring. Music school it's the perfect tool for your music education. This music game teaches you music theory in a fun and easy way. It's like having a music school on your device.

In this app, you'll learn and master all the music intervals and chords. If you practice enough, you'll know all the notes contained in a chord instantly, a must for every musician! This app includes the definition for every music concept introduced in increasing difficulty, from beginner to pro.


• Simple and understandable explanation for every new music rhythm concept introduced.
• Fun game experience for practicing the exercises that will teach you basic skills every musician should know.
• Gradual progression on the difficulty of the music theory concepts introduced.
• Leader-board with the scores acquired to watch your progress.
• Can be used by any number of different users.
• A new and fun way to practice for your instrument: Piano, violin, guitar.

Lessons include:

★ Perfect 5th intervals.
★ Major 3rd intervals.
★ Minor 3rd intervals.
★ Major 7th intervals.
★ Minor 7th intervals.
★ Major triads.
★ Minor triads.
★ Major 7th chords.
★ Minor 7th chords.
★ Dominant 7th chords.
★ And more levels coming soon...

Translated to:
* English: Music school
* Español: Acordes y solfeo.

I personally think this app is brilliant, it was just what I was looking for. If you want to memorize chords, this is perfect.
Great refresher and learning tool Simple and effective memorization tool for chords and intervals. Haven't seen another app like it. Game feature really works to train the brain.
Joseph Michael Garrett
Amanda Duarte