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Car Workshop Craft: Garage Mechanic Simulator 2018 Screenshot 0
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About Car Workshop Craft: Garage Mechanic Simulator 2018

Became a real car mechanic in one of the top simulator games of 2018! Help fix cars by repairing and tuning parts! Own a car workshop garage where you'll be servicing parts brought by the clients!

Have you ever wanted to own a car mechanic store? To become a real grease monkey, working hard to expand your car repairing business? Look no further! Start collecting the orders right now, because your clients are here and they need stuff fixed!

Car garage games never had a twist like this! Look at your workshop from the top perspective and play like in one of the popular cooking games!
Play your way through car mechanic mini games! You'll receive part renovation orders from clients - get right to fixing things! Help them make their rims shine, repair the brakes, perform car tuning! You're the owner of this car repair place, so you'll enjoy working hard to satisfy your clients.

Earn money by doing car repairs - the faster you work, the more will you get! Use the cash to improve and upgrade your car repair workshop. New games will be available as you unlock new equipment! You better hope to have your hands full, because you'll be needing this money to fix your own tools from time to time.

In this car garage simulator you'll have to service a lot of different parts brought in by the clients. Memorize the most effective ways of servicing each part and you'll be able to finish even the biggest orders on time. Did you play way too many games? In this car mechanic simulator you'll never get bored, because the better you become at this game the more will you be able to do!

This car repair games brings to you a unique workshop garage experience. Extremely stylized graphics will bring you right into the retro feels of blocky games. Car fixing in a pixel world. Prepare to be flooded with nostalgia!

Get right into the shoes of a car mechanic in 2018. Start playing with your tools and get ready to satisfy your clients! Download now!

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