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About Soccer League Manager 2020: Football Stars Clash

Would you like to play live football game as a real soccer super star and start a career as a pro football player from start of tournament to final match victory? Let’s tide up your shoes & jump into the soccer league manager trophy competitions. Excite the crowed with every goal hit, free kick, penalty and backing in friendly match, pro challenges, penalties and world cup career modes. A new Soccer League Manager for football lovers is here. You have world best football players from all over the world in your team. This game will have you addicted for many challenges as you take your team to the final match. Build your own dream football team and prove yourself as a hard striker in the live soccer gameplay, dodge opponent team goal keeper and enjoy the thrill of crowed . Improve your dodging technique, shot and accuracy. Kick and pass the soccer to their goalkeepers. Free kicks, penalties, clean soccer dodging; dribbling with your ultimate team and your powerful final kick, no team or player can stop you. Now play the soccer game with your favorite football team players and win trophies of each world cup challenge.

What’s New in Soccer League Manager Game:
The game has top football team’s selection and opponent team selection containing Argentina, Belgium, brazil, Chile, Colombia, Croatia, England, France, Germany, Italy, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, Uruguay and Wales. Choose your favorite football team country & enjoy live soccer match as you form your team & players in this soccer world cup final match. Every goal will move forward your team to victory stand. Spin wheel & Rewarded video ads are latest addition to earn extra points and unlock payer kits and next levels.

Career Mode consists of two gameplay modes knockout & soccer league. In soccer league manager you just have to select your team and enjoy the real soccer world cup matches with different football league teams throughout semifinal to final. In knockout mode, you need to score maximum goal & win single match against opponent soccer team under different modes like challenge mode & football cup.

Daily Challenges will help you to master your quick moves, clever dodging, penalties and football shoot skills while playing against top soccer super stars.

Football Knockout Match:
Knockout challenges are the most thrilling moments in any soccer final match that makes the audience bite their nails, and you will get the same thrilling action in this exciting daily challenge mode. Football player will be using swipe motion controls to kick the ball towards the goal. Goalkeeper will act as an obstacle and defend the goal by jumping and diving.

Advanced Game Play Modes:
This game offers three different gameplay modes. Quick Play, Career mode, Knockout, League & Daily Challenge. In this soccer world cup final match game, you will play real world soccer matches against world top challenging rivals.

Soccer League Manager 2020: Football Stars Clash Game Features:

Select your soccer team from world top ranking countries
Change uniform of your team players by winning and earning points
Enjoy 3 different football game play modes
Single challenge match between top rival teams
Career mode; win all matches to win the national soccer trophy
Test your skills of shooting goals in Quick play mode
Multiple hitting & passing styles will increase challenges
Professional football commentary like international matches
Earn extra points by watching video ads & Spin wheel quiz
Smooth swipe touch controls will improve you best gameplay
Realistic sound effects & 3D graphics including crowd animations
Stunning 4 different camera angles will increase live game experience

Soccer League Manager 2020 is really a fantastic and amazing game. I like this game.
Lena Tatum
Soccer Leagues Manager 2020 is a very amazing and interesting game its controls are so smooth i love to play this game
M Ali 12
Soccer league manager is amazing game it has 3D animations and graphic design and I love to play this game
James Alex