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About Gallery - photo gallery, Vault

Gallery is the Fast and simple photo gallery app to help you organize albums and manage photos into photo manager. with the help of the offline gallery. you can view photos, watch videos into inbuild video player, edit photo in photo editor and hide photos to gallery vault.

Picture gallery is a feature rich picture manager for quickly find album, create albums, copy and move photos, edit photo, view slideshow, sort by multiple types and share photos. using Free gallery you keep every photos well organized on photo organizer. It's the best gallery app for android.

Gallery vault gives you safety to your private memories using a photo lock and gallery video lock. its an password protected gallery lock which allow you to hide photo, hide video and hide personal photo albums into photo vault. it’s the best features for gallery photo lock and gallery video lock.

Photo gallery comes with a powerful photo editor which allows you to apply filters, crop photo, rotate photo, adjust lightning, add text on photo and draw on image. This feature is extremely new in modern HD gallery apart from default gallery. You can quickly edit photos and make great photos even better. We developed a smart photo organizer and album manager for you on gallery so that you can see and share pictures & videos in HD quality.

Gallery 2022 new version came with modern design, and smart features like automatically organize photos into albums and show you all photo memory in one place, smart finger gestures, special animated 3D gallery that looks for the best experience in watching and sharing life’s best moments. We are sure you will definitely feel when using photo gallery. It's an amazing Modern designed built-in phone gallery app replacement on simple photo gallery app with this smart gallery app.

Key Features of gallery app:

➤ quickly find album and Create an photo albums

➤ Change Photos And Album view grids

3D Photo Slideshow animation

➤ Set as photo Wallpaper from gallery

➤ Quick photo and video sharing

➤ Automatically organize all of your photos and videos

sort by multiple types, filter and search photos

➤ Rename, delete, move, share, edit pictures and videos

➤ Supported all the popular image and video formats

➤ Show photos all the details.

hide photo and video into Gallery app photo lock

➤ Single or double tap or pinch to zoom and quick rotate

➤ Beauty Camera photo Effects on gallery

Gallery video player, You can play video inside app

➤ Photo editor, to crop, resize, adjust parameters and apply filters

Gallery download and enjoy the photo gallery with photo editor app and gallery vault.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is Gallery?

Gallery is a fast and simple photo gallery app that helps you organize albums and manage photos. It also allows you to view photos, watch videos, edit photos, and hide photos using the gallery vault feature.

What are the key features of the gallery app?

Some key features of the gallery app include creating photo albums, changing photo and album view grids, 3D photo slideshow animation, setting photos as wallpaper, quick photo and video sharing, automatic organization of photos and videos, sorting, filtering and searching photos, renaming, deleting, moving, sharing, and editing pictures and videos, support for popular image and video formats, showing photo details, hiding photos and videos in the gallery vault, zooming and quick rotation, applying beauty camera effects, playing videos within the app, and photo editing capabilities.

What is the purpose of the gallery vault feature?

The gallery vault feature provides safety to your private memories by allowing you to lock and hide photos, videos, and personal photo albums. It offers password protection and is an ideal feature for keeping your personal content secure.

Is there a photo editor included in the gallery app?

Yes, the gallery app comes with a powerful photo editor that allows you to apply filters, crop photos, rotate photos, adjust lighting, add text, and draw on images. This feature is a new addition to the modern HD gallery app.

What is the new version of the gallery app for 2022?

The new version of the gallery app for 2022 comes with a modern design and smart features. It automatically organizes photos into albums, displays all photo memories in one place, incorporates smart finger gestures, and provides a special animated 3D gallery for an enhanced viewing and sharing experience. The new version aims to provide an amazing modern design and replace the default gallery app on your phone.

Can the gallery app be used as a photo organizer?

Yes, the gallery app includes a smart photo organizer and album manager, enabling you to view and share pictures and videos in high definition quality. It ensures that your photos are well-organized and easily accessible.

What are the supported image and video formats in the gallery app?

The gallery app supports all popular image and video formats, allowing you to view and manage a wide range of media files.

Is the gallery app available for Android?

Yes, the gallery app is available for Android devices. It is touted as the best gallery app for Android due to its user-friendly interface and extensive features.

Can I use the gallery app as a video player?

Yes, the gallery app includes a video player that allows you to play videos within the app itself.

How can I download and enjoy the gallery app?

You can download and enjoy the gallery app by simply downloading it from your device's app store. Once installed, you can benefit from its photo gallery features, photo editor, and gallery vault for hidden content.
Good user interface. Easy to use. All albums, photos, videos are managed with easy user interface. Great. Editor is also good.
Kinjal Donga
in my opinion as I use it - Excellent ! I can manage my Photos to other folders easily and edit and retouch photos very well. Nice app. Very easy to navigate.
Sagar Limbasiya
Small and simple gallery with carefully developing. easy to use . every option in proper place and perfectly working. best gallery app for watching photos. 👍👍
Nice gallery app. User friendly user interface. I liked gallery ui. It's easy to use. Editor feature is also awesome. I liked dark gallery theme also. Recommended this gallery. Photo gallery looks awesome.
Kishan Donga
this is the best Gallery ever, I have tried almost every gallery and was not upto my expectations but this is awesome i just like this so much.❤️❤️❤️
Nita Sagar
Nice app for photos & video. There are many edit option in gallary.
Dixit Patel