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About PayTonic-Pay any mobile number

Welcome to PayTonic!
An app that lets you pay anyone- simply by knowing their mobile number! Pay your family, friends & even your neighbourhood store seamlessly using PayTonic. You need not know their bank details at all! Ever wondered if you could have just one app to pay for all your daily needs? Carrying chillar for chocolates, paying the same kirana shop every day, looking for chai money every morning etcetera… Yes we know what you go through!
Powered by Yes Bank, PayTonic is here to ease your pain of dealing with daily cash problems.

How does it work?

PayTonic is neither a payment gateway nor a mobile wallet. PayTonic is an intelligent enabler that simply connects a user's bank account to his/her mobile number.

Send money:
You can use credit card, debit card, net banking or mobile wallets to pay anyone with a mobile number. The money is directly transferred from your bank account or card to the receiver’s bank account.

Receive money:
Simply input your bank details and your money will be on its way to your bank account. You can even save the bank details securely to receive payments easily in future.

Why use PayTonic?

All you need to know is the mobile number

PayTonic uses the mobile number as a unique identifier. You do not need to know the receiver's bank details to send money.

Quickly pay anybody on your phone address book

PayTonic allows you to select contacts from your address book for you to easily pay their mobile number.

Reject unknown or unwanted payments

For your safety, all payments received have two options for you to select from- Accept or Reject. You can choose to reject unknown or unwanted payments at the click of a button.

Save your cards securely for easy payments

You don't have to enter your card details every time for paying someone. You can save multiple credit and debit cards and choose the one you want at the time of payment. All your card details will be saved in a secure PCI-DSS compliant vault.

Save your bank accounts for one click credit

Like your credit and debit cards, you can save your bank accounts too for receiving money. You can choose a default bank account for auto credit of payments. You can also link frequent payers to specific bank accounts for auto credit.

PayTonic is secure

Access to the PayTonic app is secured using a 4 digit PIN defined by you. None of your data will ever be available to third parties. Your stored card details are safe in a secure PCI-DSS compliant vault.
Since PayTonic is not a wallet, there is no money to be loaded into it. Hence your money is always safe in the bank.

It's free

Well, it is!


We love hearing from you! Reach us with your feedback, questions or queries at [email protected]

Great app for quick mobile payments.
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