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About Printoid: The OctoPrint app [PREMIUM]

Learn more about Printoid PREMIUM on the official website:

Printoid is the smartest interface for Octoprint servers. Controlling your 3D printer has never be as simple as now!

With the highest support of all the informations returned by OctoPrint, Printoid is reliable, stable and functional as possible with the latest versions of this amazing tool.

Printoid PREMIUM brings to your 3D printers a lot of incredible features, such as video streaming control, custom commands, support of multiple OctoPrint servers, and so much more!

Smart and secured connection
Printoid do all the best to simplify the connection with your OctoPrint server:
- Easy configuration panel
- The app chooses to use by itself the local or distant settings when needed
- Supports the SSL/TLS (HTTPS)
- Supports the basic authentication
- Retrieves automatically your printer configuration (heater bed, extruders)

🐾 All in one for the mobility 🐾
Printoid provides the best solution to control all your 3D printers:
- Add as much printer profiles as you want
- Easily switch between your printers
- Android Wear module to control your printers from your watch! (not available for Samsung wears)

📂 Smart file manager 📂
Printoid manipulates your precious files with care:
- Shows your GCODE and STL files from OctoPrint
- Download them, or upload a new file
- Start/pause/abort your prints
- Full support of the OctoPrint's slicer feature (slice and edit slicer profiles)
- Efficient 3D visualizer for your GCODE and STL files
- GCODE 2D layers visualizer

Full 3D printer control
All you need is embedded in Printoid:
- Easy control of the axis, extruders, temperatures, ventilation...
- Support of up to 10 heater heads and heater bed
- Customizable presets for temperatures & fan speed
- Advanced settings to adjust the extrusion length, flowrate & feedrate
- Temperatures plotted in a graph in real-time
- Displays the current print informations in real time
- Full status of your current print in the Android's notifications

📹 Video streaming 📹
Printoid reassures you when you are not at home:
- Support up to 2 cameras simultaneously
- 3 different methods to show your video streaming
- Floating icon to show the video, no matter where you are on your device
- Widget for your apps launcher

🍀 Cool extra-features 🍀
What's a great application without its cool extra-features?
- Cults engine embedded
- Timelapse downloader & configurator
- Real time commands terminal
- Send custom GCODE commands to your printer
- Send custom SSH commands to your Raspberry PI
- PSU plugin control integration in the left menu
- TPLink plugin integration in the left menu
- Direct access to your OctoPrint's web interface from Printoid
- Job monitor widget: don't start the app to monitor your 3D printer!
- Screen locker for the best safety while printing
- Different themes available (let's try the Black Edition!)

📧 The best support from the developer 📧
Simply send a mail to the developer when you have some troubles, or suggestions!

Important disclamer
Printoid is not affilated to Octoprint. It's an application developed independently.
For any questions or help, please contact the developer of Printoid.

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Great app, has everything you need to monitor your printing. Only request would for an option for a save location for timelapses.
Jake Crystal
Great way to monitor and control multiple printers with minimal work. I would like a companion application for Linux that could serve out the hub interface as a webpage.
I am in love with this app it is a must with octoprint especially if you have a smart watch I love being able to check my watch to see if the print failed
Vinchenzo OneThirty