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About Dice Game 421 Free

A popular game is 421 which takes place mainly at the counter of pubs to know which is going to buy the next round of drinks.

This version of 421 allows to play several (up to 4 players) or against the computer.

Rules of the game:
The purpose of the game is to have no more tokens.
The game is played in 2 phases :
- Loading phase: There is 21 tokens to distribute. Each players rolls dice in one shot and the player who made the worst figure receives a number of tokens equal to points of best figure. When there are no more tokens to distribute, we go on second phase.
- Unloading phase: Each player can roll the dice up to 3 times. He can keep what dice he wants to make better figure. It's the first player of the round who force the number of rolls for the other players. If the first player decide to mark his figure before 3 rolls, the other players will roll dice many times as the first player.

Figures rating and points:
421 = 10 points
111 = 7 points
666 = 6 points
611 = 6 points
555 = 5 points
511 = 5 points
444 = 4 points
411 = 4 points
333 = 3 points
311 = 3 points
222 = 2 points
211 = 2 points
Following = 2 points
All other figures = 1 point

In case of equality (Rampo), each player with the same figure must roll dice in one shot and the winner of the round will be who made the best figure. The player who loses the round became the first player in the next round.

You can activate the option of automatic loading phase to distribute fairly tokens on all the players at the beginning of the game.

So addictive wastes my time but very fun
Nicolea Despencer
khalil keshtkar
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Mr.Conrad R Clayton Sr.