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About .Sutoko

Sutoko: SMS games.

Sutoko is a free, interactive SMS storytelling platform where you can find the entire world of PurpleTear games;

You have the choice to control the course of the stories, by choosing your answers. Friendzoné" games and many other games will be integrated.

More than just a text-based story.

Once the application is downloaded, you can choose from a number of games for a unique experience.
Choose your story from several and create your ending with your choices.

With reflection, your experiences, make the right choices and go through the emotions told through a message screen.

Adventure and mystery games that will be guided by your emotions. In the form of chat and SMS games including several scenarios with interactive visuals.

Sutoko takes up games with more than a million players.

Gradually, short or long stories will be added. There will be several types of stories (both horror and adventure, and drama)

No more need to download multiple applications, everything will be here!
With date announcements, new exclusive contents but also the online shop, with goodies inspired by the games :)

The main features of Sutoko at a glance:
- Chat-based text games with addictive scenarios with several possible choices.
- Several endings.
- Choose your own ending, a story with suspense? A love story? Or a dramatic ending?
- Many stories, discover a multitude of characters, with which to communicate.
- Does not require Internet access (only if you want to have the latest content update).

Interactive and immersive chat stories based on your choices are available for free on your Android phone or tablet.

The games are also adapted so that players with hearing problems can follow all the scenarios without any problem. Continue the storyline according to your own choices and see how the story ends.

Stay tuned and please let me know if you have any bugs, questions, feature requests or other suggestions. I will make sure this application is always improving ❤️

Above all, you are all free and encouraged to make videos on Youtube, Twitch, and any other platform! (Rights info about the resources can be found in the menu, accessible by pressing the "i" button) 🤳

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Keeps me intrigued 😉 great story u got here!
S Kirby
Love this game and I love the new feature!! Can't wait to publish a story!
Lydia Lee
Just played thru the whole current series :) Amazing game. Fantastic story. Had me going through a rollercoaster of emotion...
Clint Peden
I Loved this had Friendzoned 3 & 4. The games are absolutely amazing and the way you like say something and the character gets a negative impact. The games are just really good. I would to see a fifth one th...
Destroyer King
Super fun and exciting
brandon robeson
Omg. I'm telling you now that this is the best SMS series by far. You will not regret playing this app :')