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About EMDR Therapy

Desensitization and reprogramming by eye movement (EMDR).
The therapeutic method of EMDR is called integrative psychotherapy.
Developed by Francine Shapiro in the 1980s.
She is best known for the treatment of post-traumatic stress disorder.
During the session, the practitioner asks the patient to focus on the traumatic memory, having in mind the most disturbing sensory aspects (image, sound, smell, physical sensation), as well as the current negative thoughts and feelings that are there. are associated.
The practitioner then practices series of rapid alternating bilateral stimulations by moving his fingers in front of the patient’s face.
The latter must follow the movements with the eyes while keeping the head fixed.
The rhythmic movement of the eyes is equivalent to that which occurs during the REM sleep phase, also called REM sleep phase (for Rapid Eye Movement).
At the end of each cycle, the patient describes at the practitioner’s request the current state of his vision of his traumatic memory.
The practitioner continues the stimulations until the memory no longer generates disturbances, until it is distanced, it has lost its vividness.
Finally, the practitioner, always with rapid alternating bilateral stimulations, helps the patient to associate positive, constructive, peaceful thoughts with this memory, and to remove any unpleasant physical remains.
It is advisable to practice accompanied by a professional trained in EMDR.
In the case of a self-EMDR session, seek professional advice and do not practice alone.

Best self-EMDR app I could find, works with intervals, not just endless sessions
Renee Janssen
I know I am going to like this. Relaxing.
tonia adams
Heard about EMDR from a TED TALKS. It was about a teenager who had witnessed a friend of his little sister's commit suicide. Understandably he had a very tough time with it and was unraveling from the consta...
Caroline 03051969