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About Kana Town: Learn Japanese, Hiragana & Katakana

Kana Town is an application to learn the Japanese Hiragana, Katakana and Vocabulary the easy and fun way!

★ Access to a full list of Hiragana and Katakana
Easily readable and ordered for anyone to clearly understand

★ Hundreds of Japanese words to learn, organized by theme
Get access to information about each words: grammar, JLPT level, polite forms, Kanji usage, …

★ Efficient training
We believe Multiple Choice Questions are not an efficient way to learn: In real life, no suggestion will be made to you.
In order for YOU to remember and learn correctly, Kana Town asks you to find the answer by yourself through a keyboard interface.

★ Use a Spatial Repetition System (SRS) to optimize your learning process
Kana Town’s SRS automatically find the right time for you to practice the items you want to learn. You don’t have to spend time organizing your studies anymore, we do it for you. Just follow us and you will remember !

Learn Japanese now with Kana Town!

Kana Town est une application d’apprendre les Hiragana, Katakana et le Vocabulaires Japonais de manière simple et amusante !

Great app for learning Kana( katakana + hiragana), haven't tried the kanji though. In combination with some mnemonics can help you easily learn. I used it and I learned to recognize them well at around 1 mon...
Jason Filips
Great app! Would it be possible to add in a daily reminders to open the app (at customisable time?). I would love to get a reminder twice a day e.g at lunch and then before bed to go over some vocab etc.
Cormz Zilla
Excellent app. Great implementation of SRS, although the 30 day limit is a bit low. Would be amazing if there was an option to display Kanji on the vocab flashcards and also if reverse flashcards could be ad...
Andries Meintjes