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About Flux - Substratum Theme

🛑 Compatible with Substratum engine only! If you are not familiar with it, please do not download

Flux theme for Substratum theme engine is designed with pixel perfect graphics and material ui, to give your phone a new vibrant and dark look!

🔥 Flux White is also available

✔️ Works with
• Android 7/8/9/10/11 stock and custom roms
• Oxygenos 9/10/11
• Samsung 8/9/10
• Synergy OneUI, Substratum, Substratum Lite

🔹 Themed apps

😃 Don't forget to rate and write a review if you like Flux

• Select your android version first from the top of the overlay list

• When apps get updated from playstore, if you are getting force closes while trying to open them follow the steps below:

1. Disable app overlay
2. Install app overlay
3. Enable app overlay

If you are using Synergy, just swipe the updated overlays to delete then add them back and rebuild the theme

• Having issue with power menu on android pie?
Check the systemui headers overlay for a fix

• Oxygenos Pie users, enable colorful theme from settings > display and set the accent color to default. Oxygenos 10 users enable dark theme from settings and set the accent to default color

• Some qs tiles on android 8.1 don't change color and the inactive line can't be removed

• The design of qs tiles look a bit different on oyxgenos and samsung because it is impossible to make them look like stock android ui from the screenshots

• Enable Dark theme from your rom settings if the option is there

• Please do not write your bug/suggestion reports in the reviews, instead contact me via email or use the community link below

• Want full black backgrounds everywhere instead of dark, for your amoled screen?
Select the amoled background option from Android System overlay and then Build & Enable it

• If you want light notification backgrounds, enable the light notifications options from android and systemui overlays

• Beta software are not supported even though my theme may work with them

• Battery and signal tiles in quick settings panel cannot be themed

• LineageOS is not officially supported, although Flux may work with it

🔵 Telegram support group:

✉️ Contact: [email protected]


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Excellent theme. This is one of my most favorite theme ever. I hope it could have both light and dark theme simultaneously for switching between dark and light theme more easier.
Tran Thanh Son
Awesome theme. Just a suggestion can we have the whatsapp message bubbles to be also black instead of dark. And I noticed something wierd when I apply it for the Settings app everything inside the app enlarg...
Avinash Bunde
Awesome theme, please update for Android 11.
Prashant Kumar