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About Habinator - Health & Life Coach to Create Habits

Habinator™ is a Health Advisor and Life-Coach that helps you reach goals in areas like health, work, relationships, and self-improvement. You can also track daily habits and routines.

Create a scientifically based individual plan tailored for your desired lifestyle changes. Habinator guides, educates, reminds, and supports you on your way to success. It's your companion for positive change. You will grow to be the master of yourself and become the person you want to be! Join the worldwide community of achievers.

Free to use. No ads.
Based on the latest scientific data.

★ Make a change in your life
★ Build new habits, daily routines, and quit bad habits
★ You want to get more energy, happiness and improve your mood
★ You need a clear process and coaching how to change
★ You have a dream but don't know how to get started

Looking for a habit tracker? Habinator is like a habit tracker, but better. If you want to change habits or quit bad habits, simply deciding to change is usually not enough. Habinator gives you predefined reasons and scientifically proven strategies to make the change happen. It motivates you by asking questions and giving feedback about your progress enabling you to find your intrinsic motivation. Tapping into your inner motivations, and achieving self-actualization and self-improvement is not an easy task, but Habinator is the best tool available to get there.

Hundreds of editable goals are grouped into searchable domains and categories, like
★ Health - Diet & Nutrition, Longevity, Mental Health, Sleep & Recovery, Exercise
★ Self-improvement - Creativity, Energy, Mindset, Morning Routines,
★ Work - Time Management, Self-Esteem, Communication, Productivity
★ Relationships - Family, Friends, Intimacy, Parenting
★ Addictions - Alcohol, Smoking, Technology, Stress Reduction
★ Finance - Learning, Business, Money, Education, Study
★ Spirituality - Presence & Attendance, Religion, Tolerance

1. Create a goal.
2. Define your motivation, reasons for change, outcomes, and an emergency plan.
3. Habinator guides, tracks, and motivates your progress.
4. Just keep going along with your plan and success will be inevitable!

Create your own lifestyle medicine program and begin to reach your goals in life.

★ Set personalized goals from predefined templates which include research references for motivation and education
★ Create your own emergency plan
★ Ask for help from the community to support
★ Get custom reminders to help you follow your daily schedule
★ Track your progress
★ Benefit from exercises for motivation, self-perception, and to overcome addictions

This app is based on science in areas like self-actualization, goal achievement, and positive psychology. Predefined goals give you references to articles in research fields like medicine, productivity, nutrition, and behavioral neuroscience.

Learn more about our research at:

Habinator™ is the leading behavior change platform for individuals and professionals.

By far the best habit app. It helps you to figure out a path to get your habit into motion. They did a good job, really thought through it!
London Wolfe
Outstanding Concept.
Akash Rathod