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About ePassi

Use ePassi on your Android!

ePassi offers a modern mobile means of payment for personnel benefits. The ePassi product family consists of different benefits that employers can offer to their employees. LounasPassi, SporttiPassi, KulttuuriPassi,TyömatkaPassi and HyvinvointiPassi are all part of the product family. ePassi mobile app can be used for numerous sports and culture activities, as well as for purchases regarding lunch.

After installation, open the application and log in by using your ePassi user ID (phone number) and password. You can easily make payments after logging in. You can also check the balance of each benefit, search for facilities that accept payments made with the app, and add them to your favorites.

Payments are done on the spot of each venue. Log in to the application, select the venue and either click a proposed amount or define the amount of the payment yourself. After confirming the payment, you’ll receive a receipt to your app.

Show the receipt to the cashier, and you’re good to go!

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

How can I use ePassi on my Android?

After installing the ePassi app, log in using your ePassi user ID and password. You can then make payments, check benefit balances, and find facilities that accept ePassi payments.

What benefits are included in the ePassi product family?

The ePassi product family includes benefits such as LounasPassi, SporttiPassi, KulttuuriPassi, TyömatkaPassi, and HyvinvointiPassi. These benefits can be used for various sports, culture activities, and purchases regarding lunch.

How do I make payments with ePassi?

To make a payment with ePassi, log in to the app, select the venue, and choose either a proposed amount or define the amount yourself. Confirm the payment and you will receive a receipt in the app. Show this receipt to the cashier at the venue to complete the payment.

How can I check the balance of each benefit?

With the ePassi app, you can easily check the balance of each benefit. Simply log in to the app and navigate to the balance section. There, you will see the balance of each benefit from the ePassi product family.

Can I add facilities that accept ePassi payments to my favorites?

Yes, you can add facilities that accept ePassi payments to your favorites. In the ePassi app, search for facilities, select the ones you want to add to your favorites, and they will be easily accessible for future payments.
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